Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Girls of SEMA!!!

Now that I've got your attention.......Doug and I went to Sema for 3 days this year and between the two of us we took about 2000 pictures. So for the next week or so I will be posting pics until I get tired of it then I'll put them all on photobucket so you can peruse them at your leisure   If you have never attended the SEMA show then you better put it on your bucket list and find someone who can take you.  It's on for 4 days and there is absolutely no way you can see it all in that time.  This is Nirvana for the motor head and many top builders use this venue to display there work for the first time.  I will show you all the stuff I like best first...the girls are just a teaser to get yoiu interesting and because I get the most hits on anything that has "girls" in the heading.  So check back tomorrow and every day thereafter to see pics of cool shit you have never seen before.

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