Sunday, April 25, 2010

Now here is some amazing shit. I woned this bike in the late 70's and it was stolen from right in front of my house.  I was tring to kick the fucker over and had been at it for about a half hour.  It had slipping kicker ratchet syndrome and it would kill your knee when it slipped, AAAAHHH!!!
so being pissed and wanting to destroy the bike with a sledge hammer, I took me alittle walk around the block to cool down. (I had a really really bad temper when I was a kid)
  When I got back the only thing left was a broken off brass shifter peg and I never saw it again. Till today
These pics came from a Japanese blog I follow on blogger and I can't even tell you the name of it because it's all in Japanese.  I figured the bike had to be in a magazine at some point, it was so nice. You can't tell in the pics but it's all beautiful candy red with gold leaf ribbons and a red crushed velvet insert in the seat. A Denvers classic to be sure.  I have described this bike to many an old timer trying to find some pictures but never had any luck till now.
   So if any of you out there in Blogger land recognize this bike and the magazine it was in PLEASE let me know.  I would appreciate if you could copy these pics and show them around to see if you can help me on this.  This is real big trip for me Daddio!!!!WOW!!!!

Friday, April 23, 2010

VIDEO of V 12 running....AWESOME!!!

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I'm soryy for harping on this thing but I am just blown away by the effort and expertise it takes to do a project of this nature. Just listen to those pipes daddio!!!! Pure music

Slideshow of V 12 CBX masterpiece

V12 Andreas 001

V12 Andreas 001
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Just about the time I think I'm getting pretty good at this fabrication thing I find some shit like this. This Kat has more on the ball than I ever will. Made cases to hold 2 sets of CBX 6 cylinder barrels. Look at all the Aluminum work amd that beautiful chassis. Notice he has the 2 intake sides facing each other so he could make a manifold in the center to hold those 3 webbers. There's lots of pics on this guys flicker page, even some video of it running. He has also made 2 Ferarri Dino powered bikes, one with a blower that he MADE HIMSELF. Man do I still have a lot to learn......

Beautiful parts

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

More Hippykiller Hoedown

Here is a link to a slideshow on photbucket of all my pics from The Hippykiller Hoedown.  I know I said I would have this up last night but I had to work overtime and photobucket took forever to upload all these pics.  These are all 10 mg pics so they go big if you want to chop em up or something feel free. Hope you enjoy them.

Sunday, April 18, 2010


We met at Slim's for the final leg to Hippykiller. We had kickass breakfast at the Denny's, Threw the fake Indian in the Van and got our ass in gear. Weather was near perfect and made me wish we had rode the whole way, but it was fucking cold at the crack of dawn and I just ain't as young as I used to be.

This here is a Kwak trike recently aquired by Slim from some weird ass old bald, fat fuck. Should be enteresting.

Here's a couple projects he's currently working on for customers.  Workmanship is top notch as usual. He would want you to know that the frame on the XS in the foreground is NOT his work but will be much improved when he's touched it with his magic. You can find a link to Slim on this page by looking at other people's blogs I follow.  Slim is an honest kat who makes and honest wage for an honest days work.  Enough of the shameless plug

Heeeeeeeeeeeeers Wes!
he don't like his picture taken, ain't that about a bitch? I think he's cute, don't you?
Here's a pic Wes (wasley,sic)took from the front seat of the van. That's doug and me waaay back there.

now here's a flurry of pics from the hoedown without a lot of commentary cuz it's bedtime. Nighty night.

I'll have more tomorrow when I have a little more time.  I'll put all my pics on photobucket and give you a link to check them all out....190 plus.  So have a good night my fellow chopsters and dream of Joe Hunt and Firestones....laterdaze

Friday, April 16, 2010

Well, the cat is dead. The fetching Mrs Hogan found it in the garage this morning under one of my bikes.  I would suggest that nobody else get any wise ideas about biting me.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

This here is the bastardface kitty that put me in the hospital for 3 days.  The fetching mrs. Hogan loves to feed the outside strays and he is one of them.  I was petting him and he was all purring and stuff so I thinks...."I'll just pick him up and see if I can't , AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH FUCK.
I couldn't even put his ass down because he sank his fangs in my finger up to his gums and he was just holding on.  I slowly and carefully put him down and he let go.  I'm used to getting cut and bruised and ground (grinded?), burned and all other ways hurt so I didn't think to much of it.  Besides I had Slim and Doug over here and we were going to give a big push to finish Dougs bike for Hippykiller this Saturday.  Well about 12 hours later I had a pain under my arm and felt like I had the fucking flu. We did get a lot of work done on Doug's Sporty but little did I know that the next day I would be in the hospital.
This is what my finger looks like after 3 days in the hospital, after they gave me IV antibiotics and lanced and drained the damn thing.

Turns out, cats that don't have shots and live in the world with Opossums and Racoons and other less than cleanly types can fuck you up real good, even kill you from one bite.  Because they have that rough tungue and a dry mouth.  Bacteria and other unfriendly microscopic life forms enjoy the cats mouth and are just waiting for the kitty to bite into something so they can infect it.  Now ain't that cute?
So the moral of the story....Leave stray cats alone and that means you Brian Setzer and your whole damn band.  My buddy Mad Mike told me not to mess with that stray pussy.


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Now a Suzi Water Buffalo. Don't think I've seen a nicer one


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Now for something completely different. A CB350 I believe

Mike Clearman, Street Heavyweight 1946-1962, Production. 1958 Ariel Square Four

Mike Clearman, Street Heavyweight 1946-1962, Production. 1958 Ariel Square Four
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Too damn pretty.....It might be love