Tuesday, November 13, 2012

SEMA...Loves me a Buick

OK, OK, I gotta a little Buick fetish. I loves me some mid fifties Century's, Road Masters and Specials. I'll even go for a wagon they are all just beautiful and bad. I've owned a few of these cars over the years and there's just something about cruising down a long highway in one of these big ol bastards that just makes you feel like the king of the road. I want this one BAD!
It is big and black and about as chrome covered as you can get. The red interior looks like a place I would like to spend a long time in and I don't even mind those big ass wheels, the car is large enough to take it.
It has a rat motor in it with more cam than it needs to make it a nice cruiser but different strokes for different folks, I also wouldn't have put a Chevy dash in it but he did. It's long, low, black and loud and about as straight as any black car I've ever seen.  I also slipped a little video action so you hear what I mean about too much cam.

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  1. Gidday Kev, I agree mate, not usually a fan of ultra modern, massive diameter rollers but they look ok on this stunning jigger, would love to have a squiz at the cam lobes, I suspect virtual flat top, huge duration things, awesome man.