Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Kawasaki Chopper

Here's my latest chop build. It started life as a Kawasaki KZ 650 CSR. I used the wheels, front end, motor and frame cradle. Everything else I either made or modified to work. This is what it looked like before I tore it down for paint. It's getting metalflaked and candied and goldleafed and pinstriped. Hope to be done in time for the "CHOPMEET" in July. It's so damned hot the last couple weekends that I couldn't even stand to be in the garage, let alone paint. That's the Wife's Suzuki XR-7 in the background.

My first blog

Alll I was really trying to do was post on Chopperdaves blog. Then I found I could have my own damn blog. Don't know what I might do with it but I guess it's nice to have one here in the 21st century.

The picture to the left was taken of me by my good buddy Doug at the SEMA show last year. So I now know that I can upload pics from my PC to the blog....Cool!

Now I'm uploading a video but I have no idea WHAT video it is. Guess I'll find out when it's done.