Sunday, November 11, 2012

SEMA...Ford GT 40 or is it a 69 Mustang?

When I first walked up on this car I thought someone had cleverly raised the wheel wells on this mustang because they had sectioned it.  As amazing as that would be this is much more.  Beneath this 69 mustang skin belies a GT 40. I would have taken more pictures but the car was constantly surrounded by motorheads trying to figure out what had been done to this car.
Someone wanted this conglomeration of parts and there is a lot of mustang DNA in here.  Except when the hood is raised you realize something really trick is going on, because that's where the engine airSEMA intakes are located and the motor mounted amidships just like a GT fucking 40!!!  
I would be reducing the effort that went into this if I were to say it's a re-skinned Ford GT because it's much more thorough mixing of the parts.  For instance it still has a mustang dash pad in it and the roofline is a lot more mustang than GT 40.  I wish I knew more about it but your just gonna have to make do with the pictures I have.

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