Sunday, May 30, 2010

RIP Dennis

This is my favorite Dennis Hopper performance. I think this was probably pretty close to who he was, at least in my imagination. He surely will be missed ....An icon for my generation

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Tommy "the Itch" Otis                         

15445 Ventura #912

Sherman Oaks, CA. 91403

818-348-6754 work

818-585-3943 cell

This is a small sample of my Pal Tommy "Itchy" Otis's pinstriping mastery. He has made the trophies for the Grand National Roadster Show to award the best pinstriper in the show.  He styles his work on the late great Tommy the Greek who was a friend and mentor to him.  He has known all the greats. Click here to check out his page.  If you need the best and want it period correct, this is the guy right here in the Valley.

pic of a pic

Chris of Bluecollarmoto taking a picture of me taking a picture at the Long Beach Swap Meet.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Long Beach Swap Meet

My bud Doug and I went to the swap Sunday, mostly to see some pals and look at the bikes.  Forgot my stupid camera so all I have are celly pics.
Slim Goof'n

This is a wallet he gopt from a guy he's doing some work for.  Really very nice work, the detail is amazing.  I got his card but I can't find it, you can call or text Slim and get his number. Slim's blog is on my follow list to the right.

for 1500 bucks you could own this vintage piece of chopper history.....or right across the isle

You could have this fucking awesome piece of chopper history.  From what I understand this bike was found incomplete from the 70's with all these unbelievably perfect Arlen Ness parts on it.  The price was right for this one at 5 G's.  Wish I had the dough I would have swooped this sucker up in a heartbeat.

Something for everybody, this shovel is just right. love that seat, gonna need one just like it pretty soon.

Dice clan was there, a bunch of us all went to Joe Josts for hot sammitches an pickled eggs with our beers.  This has become a regular thing with the regulars at the swap meet.  maybe we'll catch you there next time. I had more pics but my phone ran out of memory so I lost them. better luck next time...laterdaze

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Remembering Bill Gardner

That's Gardner on the right, who knows who the guy on the left is????

Bad ass turbo Kaw, I almost traded an E type Jag for one of these bikes. It was a blue one with a rack of chrome carbs.  Went to the dudes house, rode the bike, left the jag for him to test drive.  Fucking Jag wouldn't start and was bleeding antifreeze in his drive way.  Kind os queered the deal, bitchen bike though.  Notice the frame has a bolt in cradle! How cool is that?

Here's the same bike later without turbo.  I'm sure that thing was quite a hand full when it got up on boost.

It's a beeautiful thing

here's a hint, the guy on the left up top, he's the painter/pinstriper.  Also was known for a fella by the name of Jock E Shift....