Wednesday, November 7, 2012

SEMA:Machines that made me take lots of pictures

This kat Rafik Kaissi has a fucking screw loose in a good way. He had several of his creations there and even if they aren't your cup of tea you have to admire the ingenuity ,craftsmanship and just plain balls to bring these girls to the party. This thing has a lot going on but primarily it's a BIG bearing kinda thing. 
I don't know where you go to get these kind of bearings and I am unfamiliar with the lump of 2 stroke "factory racing" motor in the middle but that don't matter, it's bad ass.
From the giant center bearing that everything is hung off of and  suspended, to the big ass bearings that make up the wheels the clever use of these pieces are not something the average Joe would even dream of to base a motorcycle on.
The time spent on machining alone would keep me awake nights just thinking about how to do it. The welding is impeccable, and did you notice, it's all done up with socket head bolts.
Lots of special little details on this one for all the fabrication wacko's to spend hours perusing. I've seen Rafiks work before and you will recognize a couple of his other bikes, but this one takes the fucking cake and made me take lots of pictures, enjoy...

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