Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Blast from the past...Ian's bike

I got nothing better to post so here's one from about 10 years ago. Built this one for my Son Ian, we thought we were going into the chopper building business (like everyone else), Came out damn nice and ran like a stripe-ed assed ape. 100" Revtec and a 6 speed built from scratch and painted by myself, one of my first paint jobs.  He liked it so well he kept it but recently sold it to pay some bills.  We'll build him a better one next time.

at Dave Mann

 on the way  to CHP for VIN verification
 Dave Mann again

Coming up soon!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I've been busy...but not in the shop

I had to run up to Oakhurst Ca to fix my kids cars(plural)  I now know a lot more about Infinti G40's than I ever wanted too. I also learned that when in Oakhurst it's 2 hour drive to get parts in Fresno. I spent a good full day just running around for parts. Did I mention it gets fucking cold up there? I had to put an entirely new underhood fuse/relay panel in a 96 Chrysler van and try to get a Honda CRX ready to pass smog.  I also did rear brakes on my Daughter Heather's Hundai.
  All this while having a most excellent time with my two grandbabies Elesia and Bubba and playing cards with Dystiny, my Son Ians wife whilst eating from a never ending menu from her kitchen. While I was unable to stay and see the Honda and the Infiniti to the smogman, I am confident I got far enough along for Ian to get it handled.
   Came home Saturday to the most ravishing Mrs. Hogan just to find that I was indeed catching my deft a cold.  I was planning to get a whole lot done with all this time off but the gods have seen fit for me to spend at least a few days on my back under the intoxicating effects of Niquil and Corona, watching the blogs and the big screen.
   Perhaps to morrow I will feel good enough to make it out to the shop and finish up some stuff on Victors Pan, until then here are some pics I've been collecting for your entertainment.

been thinking a lot about these ring dingers lately