Friday, January 31, 2014

My BFF Doug went for a flight and made a beautiful video.

The plane is called a Great Lakes, they are flying out of Van Nuys California and along the coast of Malibu and back. Doing flips and rolls and all kind of stuff. The kat flying the plane is also the builder named Stu. Stu's shop is only about 30 yards from Doug's shop so we have been watching them put this thing together from scratch. A very talented group of individuals, the plane is just unbelievably gorgeous! Doug made a nice video with his Go-Pro's.

Flying in the Great Lakes from Doug Snow on Vimeo.
This video is about Flying in the Great Lakes

Friday, January 24, 2014

Slim's paint job FINISHED!!!

Finished Slims paint project tonight, color sanded and buffed, deliver tomorrow.  That was way to time consuming and I didn't charge near enough.  That's what we do for buddies though ain't it.  Came out nice. Can't wait to see it in the sun!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

A day with Tommy "Itchy" Otis, 40 + years of pins

Today I took Slims tins to be pinstriped by master pinstriper Tommy "Itchy" Otis  (  and spent the afternoon watching the master at his work.  He say's I can't clear it till Thursday so it will then that I will complete this bitchen paint job.  Stay tuned

Monday, January 20, 2014

Latest paint project for Slimfab

This Kustom job is for Slim at the Fab Farm Its  all HOK , starting with solid black, then ice white pearl, and topped with Wild Cherry Candy.
All that is followed by HOK  Chrystal Show Clear, about a cups worth so far. Tuesday it will be going to Itchy..
for pins and then back to the shop for another cup of clear, color sand and buff.   Stay tuned Holms

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!!!!!!!!!

I actually got quite a lot done yesterday.  My Buddy Harry , owner/operator at American Turbo Power put me to work yesterday and We pulled out a 96 incher and put in this 155 all billet monster.....
 It's going to Daytona with one of Harry's ATP turbo kits with the hope of making in excess of 320 horse power.  This is a hollow mock up motor and as you can see it's going to require some pretty extensive frame mods to put it in Harry's bagger. The motor we took out ONLY makes 220 HP and he only got in the top 10 in the Dyno shoot out. He wants to make it to the top 3 this year. We got it put in the frame without the rear rocker box, the frame is going to require about an inch of clearance added above the rear cylinder. I'll have pics of that when it's done.  I then pulled the front Jug off on a 09 bagger before I quit around 2:00.  Then I went over to the Dougsters shop. 

 Last week Harry had this contraption in his shop, Blown 426 Hemi  trike that needed the heads done. You should heard this thing cackle!
At Doug's I finally got around to getting These tins in primer for Slim ( or( They're going on a Honda chopper he did some work on. They're going black base with cherry red over over white pearl panels with fish scales and a couple other tricks,all HOK. I'll update as it goes along.  I felt like that was a pretty damn productive day for my lazy ass. Now if I can just get my own shop cleaned up I might get a little work done on my own shit.