Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Slim's Fabrication of Riverside Country

Slim's Fabrication of Riverside Country

click the link for Slim's feature on Chopcult

Today, I did this...........


select a seat

check fit

look at ugly shit

whack it off

say,"now what did I do?"

look at it some more

look at it some more, wait till tomorrow

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Next upon the stand

I have had this KZ for about 10 years off and on. I sold it once and the woman who bought it never registered and the DMV told me to go pick it up or they would destroy it.  So it seems it likes to be in my possession.  I have big plan for this bike, eventually it will be turbocharged with a belt driven Mallory magneto and a 230" tire.  For now though, it's just gonna get a little face lift, It's a 79 1100 with a home made pipe and 36mm flat slides and runs like a stripe-ed assed ape already.  I'm gonna get rid of the stock rear tail piece, weld in an XS 650 rear loop I have leftover from a hard tail I did and mount an Alloy Tramp fender. for the front I'll probably just flip over those cafe bars it's got on it, lower by dropping the tubes through the trees a couple inches and just polish some shit up. Make new flat side covers, make tail lamp, plate mount and VIOLA'! we have a cafe racer. For paint I think it has to have semi gloss black with the venerable sharks teeth.  Oh yeah, and rear sets.  I should be able to accomplish this just in time to sell the Freakshow, which is also gonna get a new paint job, stay tuned.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Took Freakshow for a spin

Got her running good enough to take her to the local cruise night at Bob's Big Boy of Canoga Park on Corbin.  It's running very well with the carbs all gone through and the new front brake set up. The fairing gives it whoile new feeling, just a few aesthetic compoents to sort out and I can sell this mutherfucker............

finish weld, grind, paint

Ran out of black spray paint, this will do


Doug showed up

On the Sporty I built

Out in sunlight

View from the drivers seat

Got to Bob's

Real deal Hemi Cuda
I'm not worthy, I'm not worthy

Nash with Buick V6

Talk about old school

Last pic, ran out of batteries

Installed the fairing, hope you don't like it....LOL

Well I installed the fairing today, gave a little forward tilt to compliment the tank angle and I think it looks pretty neeto.  It's solid as a rock, shit I could stick a speedo in there, or even a stereo or a tack. At the very least it will give me a place to stuff a hoody and some tools.  Can't wait to roll it out side, a few more little tweeks and she'll be road ready again! And FOR SALE!!!!!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Finished master fab, need some opinions

I finished the master install, lucky for me the master cylinder works awesome, I think it will actually give me better lever feel than I had before.  Now I'm thinking about this;
What do you guys think of this quarter fairing on the bike? I think I like it, the onlyt problem is I can't match the paint. It would have to mounted to the girder so it would move with the suspension. I'm sure it would give some nice wind protection. What do you think???????????????????????????????????

Got a little work done tonight....finally!

I've been going through a slump lately trying to get my ass out in the shop.  I've been off work since December because of back problems and sometimes it's just not worth the pain to spend that much time standing.  I had epideral injections last tuesday and it seems to have helped some but I'm still lacking the will to get out there. I have no lack of projects that need to get done so today I finally got my ass out there and did some fab work I wanted to do on the Freakshow. 
I have been unhappy with the way I mounted the remote front master for some time.  The more I looked at it the more I hated it and with all the other updating I've been doing I figured it was time to get that eye sore out of the way.
It used to hang right beneath the bottom tripple tree and though it got it off the bars, it messed up the profile of the goose neck I went to A LOT of trouble to make. No, now I changed out the master for a gocart unit Slim gave me and moved it the left side of the Girder, right on the bottom link. I think it looks way better than it did and the cable line up is better as well. Still need to procure a brakeline but that can wait till tomorrow.  Lets hope that this master works so I don't have figure out how to rebuild it. Tommorow I'll throw a gusset in that cable bracket and trim it down some more and see about getting a brake line.                         LATERDAZE

Monday, May 16, 2011

Blue Collar Motos Metal Foundry: Making the Scrambler Seat Plug

Blue Collar Motos Metal Foundry: Making the Scrambler Seat Plug: "Here she is with the $$$ foam from the hobby supply store, stuck to the tin backing with contact spray on glue/cement. I just cut the foam o..."

Sunday, May 15, 2011