Sunday, March 28, 2010

Big Progress, Doug's bike runs!

Okay, so here's the deal.  Slim, Doug and I were out in the shop all day yesterday working on shit.  I should say, primarily Slim was working on shit.  He cut the tunnel out of the tank he already made so we could drop it down on the back bone another inch and a half. before that we made pipes with an X in the middle, they came out bloody amazing, at least those were my idea, Slims work...but I helped. Befroe that we made some modifications to the battery box and he made all my ugly ass welds look beautiful.  Prettyu handy to have around that Slim!  Oh yeah Doug was there with his camera, he took about 200 pics and whole bunch of video. So I didn't worry about taking any pics at all, my camera stayed in the house.  He took nice video of Slim cutting out the tanks tunnel and even got him to explain what he was doing.  Same thing when he put it back in...Now that's no small job, it would take me a week and it would be ugly and need a LOTof sealer.  Slim did it in hour and a half. So Doug took all these pics and video and at the end of the day after Slim split we went in to my PC so we could upload all the pics.
    We didn't have a cable for his camera so we used a card reader.  Now here's the funny part, some how, mystereously after we uploaded the pics, Doug selected the ones to keep, clicked save and......wait for erased all but 5 pictures and made 4 copies of every other picture on the card, LOLOL, NOT!!!
SO, here's a couple teaser shots of yesterdays antics until I get out there and take some more pictures today.
So here it is, the last picture of the day, for some reason stayed on the card.  Tank repositioned, bad ass pipes, even put in a brand new Crane Hi-4 ignition set-up to get her running, motor sounded great. This is going to be one mean motor scooter. Click on the photo, it's huge.

This is a tank Slim brought with him to show us, going to the swap meet today...BE THERE!!!

Here's acouple other tanks he made from scratch, that skinny one is Awesomly Krazy Beeeeautiful, some would say SICK, but not I.....

Another pic of that Kraxy skinny tank, with me and all my bitchen baldness.

Another shot of the skinny tank, oh yeah, it has a BSA filler, how fuck'n cool is that?
So that's it for now, I'll take some more pics later today and post em up.  Stay tuned

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Happenings.....etc...Bike Night in the San Fernando Valley

Stuff that's happening.  We guys out here in the San Fernando Valley are once again going to try to put together a bike night.  A bunch of us are going to meet up at the new Bob's Big Boy this Friday night, if you're from around here you know where that there or be square.....

I have always had this Shovel in the back of my mind.  I can still remember when I gopt this Easyrider home. I was riding my 40" over Denvers Sporty then, ust have been 78 or 79.  Something about the stance, love that tank. Blue and chrome mmmmmmmm....

This one's for you Clarke.....

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

TANKART TUESDAY, Art on tanks or should be....

Slims creation painted up for the DePalma giveaway bike. Can't remember the painters name name at the moment but he's defineatly bad azz!!!

Danika Patrick

I have Slim coming over Saturday to help me with some stuff on Doug's Sportster.  I'll have lots of pictures of the progress we make.  Stay tuned

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Non sequiter Wednesday

It's Saint Patricks day and here he is in all his greeness.
Tee dee tee dee tee dee, blue diamonds, green clovers, give me a potato.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Allen Greenspan Car show at Tweety park in Southgate with Slim....

The title bout say's it all. Today I went to meet Slim at the the Allen Greenspan Car Show in Southgate, in Tweedy Park.  I talk to Slim about it on the phone and when he told me it was in Southgate, and Allen Greenspan was involved I was more than a little perplexed.  A car show in that neighborhood was not going to be about bobbers and Rat rods. Well I was right, it was all about lowriders and apehangered dressers and such.  These kats never saw the likes of Slim coming.  Slim was invited by the LaPalma dudes who are giving away a nice Sportster that Slim has done much of the work on as a promotional deal for their clothing line. So they had their booth there and Slim had the one right next door with his van and one of his bikes on display.
   There was a lot of interest in Slim's van and as usual he spent much of his time talking to the passers bye, answering their multitude of questions.  It was a nice change to get away from all the same ol same ol stuff we always see everywhere we go.  Lots of talent on display and no junk at all.  These guys love their cars in a BIG way.
    I have some pics and a few video's of ridning in Slim's CRAZY wheely van.  Don't have time to post it all up today but here's a little to wet the appetite.....

This Galaxie is fucking awsome and can this guy paint!!!!Didn't catch his name but he's out of Starlite rod and Kustom in Torrance. You might want to check them

Here's a lorider with a blower...who knew?

The amount of detail on this truck was astounding. tender loving care everywhere.

Slim's back door...quite a contrast from all the chrome and polish surrounding us. That's my God Damn buddy.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Haven't posted in a few days in a small tribute to a death in the family. RIP Greg
I have decided that Sunday is going to be Un-Harley Sunday.

Who knows what kind of motor is in this bike???

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Non-Sequiter Wednesday, RIP Greg

Missed tankart yesterday....Shit happens.  Got bad very news today, My Sons Fiance' Dystiny had the misfortune of loosing her Father Today.  They were to be married in April but this will change everyones life.  He was a couple years younger than myself...Sure makes one rethink their priorities.
RIP Greg.....