Friday, September 16, 2011

It's finally time to add BOOST!!! and a tank for sale

I've had this turbo kit waiting in the wings for a couple of years.  Just biding it's time in the back of my mind until I decided to push it into service.  I had several turbo kaws in the 80's when we used to street race these things.  This one will not be that radical, the motor is completely unmodified with cast pistons and 9:1 compression.  On pump gas I won't be able to run much more then 7 pounds, on good fuel maybe 10 without melting it down.  I figure I'm looking at about 150-170 HP.  Still not a Busa beater but plenty fun. You'll notice in the pic that the pipe don't line up at all with this set up, I think this must have been a Suzuki kit.  Modifications were in order so I got out the grinder and the welder and the grinder and the cutter etc etc, a little high heat  black and voila'!

Here is an early Sportster "turtle" Tanks I'm putting on the block.  I've had this sitting around quite a while and I always wanted to build a Sporty with this tank but times is tough so somethings gotta go. I'm offering it here first at a discount till Monday then it will go on Ebay.
your special price is $250 plus shipping. If you have any questions email at
It's in great shape and these are BIG pics so you can blow them up for a thorough inspection.