Friday, March 25, 2011

Victors Pan and Me......

Victors Pan is DONE!!!!!

All that's left to do is Victors problem, exept I forgot the stupid kickstand.  Looks a lot different on the tarmac.  Here's a bunch of pics....enjoy

Now this is what I'm talk'n bout!

Swiss shovel I swiped from Greasy Culture, This Kats name is Hubert. He knows what's up! Love Love Love it !

Monday, March 21, 2011

More wires...and Vanessa Lake

One thing leads to another or, no matter how clever you think you might be, you're probably not.  I thought I found a really neat spot to put this iggy switch so that I could hide the wires and reuse a bracket that was already in place. (I love a bolt or bracket that does more than one thing)
So I routed all my wires real slick like and went to tuck my switch all soldered and heat shrunk real swell and that when I found that I was a cunthair away from that thing fitting between the seat tube and the oil tank.
I could either undo all the stuff I just spent the last several hours doing, get a crowbar and a hammer and put a dent in the oil tank or reposition the oil tank to fit my needs.
So the next several hours were dedicated to just that and now I win again...I think, then I ran out of shrink tubing and called it quits for the night.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Today....some wiring, finish tomorrow

Pretty cloth wires with little stainless hold downs, all soldered and heat shrunk..,.

Cute 6 port fuse block I got at Electric City
Generator wire down and around and out of view.....

This thing is almost done, trying to find someone who has the reverse distributor gear so I can make the Hi-4 work.  Victor is supposed to make the oil line plumbing happen, waiting on Custom Chrome oil tank nuts so he can start that. Trying to make it to the Street Chopper Party but it's looking purdy much like that ain't gonna happen....We'll see!

Hippykiller Hoedown 4-19-09, "El Sicko"

Blast from the past, 4-19-09, on the way to Hippykiller Hoedown, meetup at Slims Fab

Fuck This Shit , The Slim Man, creator of this

For this kat.....who's name slips my mind, like everybody elses

Oh Yeah, and a Redhead