Thursday, November 8, 2012

More SEMA machines that made me take pics 2

Here is another of Rafik's creations, this time sporting a V twin of the water cooled variety. I also don't know what kind of motor it is but I suspect Japanese and perhaps Honda.  That's not really the important part anyway, it's everything else. The most coolest of which is that crazy cable suspension system front and rear.  
He's used the block and tackle theory of reducing the force needed to move something. The number of times the cable is doubled lessens the force needed bu half ...only this time it's in reverse.  The springs holding this trike up look like they came out of an erector set. Then for adjustable shocks it's front end stabilizers! It even has an adjustment at one end of the cable to easily adjust ride height. Brilliant says I!!!
I also like how he air brushed all the welds black and it don't appear to have a single unbent piece of tubing anywhere. I would love to take that thing for a blast around the block!

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