Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Monday, January 30, 2012

Slideshow, all my GNRS 2012 pics...enjoy

The GNRS bikes...

This is the as yet unfinished Shovel being built by the Garage Company for the Born Free show. This is going to get the full treatment from Sunny Boy and should be a real stunner. Tickets were on sale there and I'm pretty sure I'm going to win this sucker so...do what ya gotta do.

I'm pretty sure this might just be the most Denvers choppers to be in one place at one time, EVER! A great tribute to one of the greatest builder ever.

This is a Trackmaster style frame being developed for FXR/Dyna's by my buddy Rick Cresse at TRI-C Engineering. It's all chromalloy is only slightly larger than it's british counterpart.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

A few words about the makers of the "Von Dutch" trophy

The kat on the left is Tom "Itchy" Otis, a world renowned pinstriper from the 1970's. Also a Hot Rod builder that has held awards himself from the GNRS himself. Well known throughout the hot rod industry he has been handing out this award for the past nine years. If you need any work he is available;
The guy on the right is the fabricator of the metal portion of the trophy, Chris Hamilton. He and his father have been fabricating cars and bikes in the San Fernando Valley for years. Currently he is building custom steel guitars and any other fabrication needs you may have at;
Some of Chris' guitar work

The fishbowl with gold fish painted by Itchy.

It's awesome to allowed in to the show before the regular opening. Itch and I had a few hours to see and photo all the cars and bikes before there were a zillion people in the way so Itch could check out all the pinstriping before he chose the winner.
Here are some of the big players competing for the coveted "Most Beautiful Roadster in the World" award!

I like this little fella, I can picture blastin around town in this little bullet!I

Friday, January 27, 2012

CONGRATULATIONS; The Von Dutch Award for pinstriper of the year

The 2012 Von Dutch Award for excellence in hand painted Pin-striping. Metal sculptured Award by Chris Hamilton / Pin-striping on awards by Tommy Itch Otis.

The winner for 2012 is Pinstriper Joel Anthony from Idaho . The owner of the bike is Todd Asin . This is a great example of a 1960's style Triumph bobber custom Motorcycle . And I'm pretty sure the first motorcycle to win this award "I think" . I won it in 1997 and it was a real highlight for me as an artist . The Pin-striping on this bike is mega clean and tight as well as rings true of a period correct style . I wish they could all be winners .The talent and craftsmanship this year was fantastic . The Winner of The Von Dutch Lifetime Achievement Award went to a great artist and one of the kindest souls I have come across in quite a while , "Jack Lindenberger" from Indiana . This man is a real giver . Congratulations and a special thanks to Chris Hamilton. Sincerely Tommy O. AKA Itch .
More tomorrow, Thanks Itch for a great day!!!

Today, I rebuilt my Bendix carb.....and a redhead

Unfortunatly my sexy hot looking Mikuni that took me a couple days to figure out and fabricate mounts and manifolds for...is....TOO FUCKING BIG!!!!
My friend Harry, owner and operator of American Turbo Power, or ATP stuck with me for days of rejetting and trouble shooting and that is what we determined. Thus you will notice the K&N air filter with 3 yards of racer tape wrapped around. It was only by restricting the flow of this big assed carb by about 70% that it would run half way decent and actually get up on boost. So, it's scratch the Mikuni and shuffle in the old fashioned Bendix which Harry tells me is the hot ticket for making this thing work really well. This is in fact the carb used by Kawasaki when they produced the Z1R TC, which sold really poorly at the time because guys were not used to idea of a motorcycle with 170 HP, which ain't shit now days but back then it like seeing GOD!
There wee many stories of guys buying those things and bringing them back because they were afraid of them.
Now back to today
I took it apart 2 days ago...

Took them out today, rinsed, blew dry......

Put this $12.00 kit I bought off ebay in there...

And got me this bright shiny fresh Bendix to take the place of that 38 Mikuni.

I'll be mounting it up in there, directly on the turbo, should help with turbo lag as well as give me awesome throttle response. Maybe I'll get it running again by Saturday, FRiday and Sunday I'll be at the Grand National Roadster Show, maybe I'll see you there. Oh and here's your Redhead!

Your welcome....

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Tearing Doug's Sporty down for paint, chrome and other tricks....

Sorry for the shitty phone pic but that's all I had with me at Dougies shop. Stay tuned for the the re-build up of this badass mofo!....