Thursday, November 8, 2012

SEMA, it made me take pictures #3

Its utter madness, a disease that drives you crazy, takes your money, keeps you awake at night and causes lots of divorces. A man has to be compelled beyond reason to create a work of art like this. It's not my cup of tea but one has to admire the talent and workmanship and just plain craziness of this truck. Its a full polished stainless ladder framed, blown ratified, airbrushed, giant sound system, hydraulically augmented solute to America and it's armed forces.
That blown rat motor is also electronically fuel injected and innercooled and if it ain't chromed or polished it's airbrushed. By the way there's not just one polished stainless ladder frame, there are TWO, one of them holds the body so the hydraulics can lift it off the other one!
The thing that blows my mind is how well the whole thing was executed, all welds ground, every joint on the stainless frame is perfectly blended and the paintwork is just dazzling !!! 
I wish I had got the data from the showcard so I could give credit to it's creators but I'm sure you will be seeing a lot of this truck in the near future.

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