Friday, November 16, 2012

SEMA Nitro burning blown Hemi street rod? Yup

I talked to the old guy who owned this here 33 willys coupe complete with blown, injected, NITRO-METHANE BURNING HEMI!!  Now I have always told Doug anything is better with a blown Hemi but even I think it's a little extreme to make it run on Fuel. For gawds sake how much does it cost to idle this thing around the block. Those little tires on the back ain't nothing about traction.  I don't know who that old guy was but I'm gonna guess he's some old top fuel racer that has some extra parts laying around.
When I see a bug catcher with mechanical injection , not to mention the double mags I thought it was on methanol so I asked and he told nitro, like it was no big deal. When I asked how much to drive it around the block he just shrugged his shoulders and answered his phone.
I'm sure it really exciting to have a street car that you can tip the can on , it's certain to make beautiful and horrendous noises and be very entertaining, but in the end it's a very expensive joke. A waste a very very very nice Willys and waste of a blown Hemi that should either be detuned so the car can be driven somewhere besides a fairgrounds. I don't know, maybe if I was some old bastard with more money than sense I might want a nice nitro burning fairgrounds cruiser myself. Of course he may have just been having me on, you decide.

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