Friday, April 29, 2011


Today I polished shit, what a mess&*(*)U_))(&

This is my polishing motor, I bought it at the Pomona swapmeet about 1000 years ago. It makes a lot of noise but gets the job done.  On the right side is my hard wheel on the left my soft buff. Today I cut up my clutch cover on the Freakshow and polished it up along with the dyno and ign cover.  Here's a few pics of said objects.  I tried to upload an informational video but after half an hour I gave up.  I'll edit it down some and put it on Youtube next time.
Started with this, this is the sprocket cover, it only really needs to support the clutch actuator and the shifter shaft.  I figured if I can cut up the sprocket cover and cam cover on the Sportsters why not this too?

So over the the band saw to cut off all the parts I don't need. Then I used my belt sander and a file to make all the edges proper.

Test fit, yeah looks pretty cool. Won't be getting all that sludge built up in there anymore either.

BUTT Fuck'n ugly stator cover. Did I mention all these parts were painted black? Took me hours with stripper and brushes and wrags and shit to get them to this point. Anyhow....

Looks a lot better with the script ground off. Would have been better to have my buddy chuck it up in his lathe but it's good enough for the girls I go out with. Besides, this ain't no show bike, not even close!

Here's a little short vid of the finished sprocket cover...NICE!!!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

outta control: BEEZER IN ACTION

outta control: BEEZER IN ACTION: "well, by popular demand i've tried to do a movie but as you can see i'm not Jim Jarmusch... but you can see and listen the engine. that's a..."

Friday, April 22, 2011

Freak Show gets a new tail light

Today I got out in the shop and made a new tail light for the Freakshow. Can nanyone identify what I used to make it???
Gonna pull the carbs tomorrow and go through them, bikes been sitting a good long time so it's time, probably change a few other things around before it goes on the chopping block.