Friday, November 23, 2012

2240 pics and 6 videos from SEMA...Enjoy!!

Well, here they all are! 2240 some odd pictures taken at SEMA 2012 by Doug Snow and myself.  If this don't fill your need for motorhead shit you're a bigger junky than even me.  My Wife Nancy, of course would say that's impossible, "I am the most addicted man to cars and motorcycles she has ever seen."  Feel free to use these pics anywhere you please. I take them for you so have them but, no pics can take the place of being there so if you haven't been, then find a way to do it. The only place cooler is probably Bonniville....Enjoy

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Alice's Restaurant - Original 1967 Recording, it's a Thanksgiving tradition.

I first heard this record as a child when my cousin bought it.  I listened to it over and over and never tired of it. It's said that the whole thing was ad-libbed at the time it was recorded; true or not it's become a sort of tradition to listen to Alice's Restaurant on Thankgiving.....enjoy

Saturday, November 17, 2012

SEMA...The Pacifica...Love it

I just loooove this kustom truck, it has been chopped, dropped, smoothed, debadged and given that asymmetrical thing with the grill over to the left and two different size headlight doors. The window shapes have been altered along with the bed side notched.  The bumpers are one off on both ends and both plates are on the drivers side.  It has a beautifully paneled bed and Winfield draped it in candy blue over silver with a fade in the middle. I wish I had better pics of the interior cuz that a cool place to be with a deep dish Olds steering from like 1961 or so and blue and white tuck and roll.  Baby moons, skinny whites with Radir knock offs complete this thing and it's even got a name...Pacifica!   I don't know if it's an old custom restored or a newly made piece but it sure has gave me inspiration for my van. Thanks Gene for an awesome Kustom

SEMA..Remember those short wheelbase AMX's?

So, I walk around the corner and here's this thing. I think we tend to forget how bitchen the short wheelbase AM fuck'n X's where. Well here sits the king of AMX's, you ain't never seen one like this. Everything has been messaged or improved, I think that's a real live 401 AMC motor with a couple turbo's through the innercooler and what has to be a completely custom made intake manifold with fuel injection.
This is one bad deal sure to scare the panties off any model who would dare put her awesome little ass in the passenger seat(Don't forget, post that on You Tube now)

Friday, November 16, 2012

SEMA Nitro burning blown Hemi street rod? Yup

I talked to the old guy who owned this here 33 willys coupe complete with blown, injected, NITRO-METHANE BURNING HEMI!!  Now I have always told Doug anything is better with a blown Hemi but even I think it's a little extreme to make it run on Fuel. For gawds sake how much does it cost to idle this thing around the block. Those little tires on the back ain't nothing about traction.  I don't know who that old guy was but I'm gonna guess he's some old top fuel racer that has some extra parts laying around.
When I see a bug catcher with mechanical injection , not to mention the double mags I thought it was on methanol so I asked and he told nitro, like it was no big deal. When I asked how much to drive it around the block he just shrugged his shoulders and answered his phone.
I'm sure it really exciting to have a street car that you can tip the can on , it's certain to make beautiful and horrendous noises and be very entertaining, but in the end it's a very expensive joke. A waste a very very very nice Willys and waste of a blown Hemi that should either be detuned so the car can be driven somewhere besides a fairgrounds. I don't know, maybe if I was some old bastard with more money than sense I might want a nice nitro burning fairgrounds cruiser myself. Of course he may have just been having me on, you decide.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

This is a cool old Dodge truck. I have no idea what year it is, maybe between 49 and say 56, but it's gotta small block Chevy in it. It has a nicely made flatbed, big ass wheels adorned to look like big rig wheels (why?) and a bunch of levers inside to go with what looks like a home made bomber bench seat. Shut up, I like it....

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

SEMA..Mostly 69 Camaro

To much to say....will edit later

SEMA...Malibu Ragtop made me take pics!

This Malibu has got to be the nicest early Malibu I have ever seen. I didn't get under it but I'm going to guess it has a whole new custom chassis under it. The attention to detail was second only to the top show dogs at the show.  Tucked in bumpers, flush tail light treatment, LS motor with air and a perfectly executed paint job make this car special. Inside it's has a 59 Impala dash, full leather, big ass audio and what looks to me like a one off steering wheel.  It's just a perfect Malibu, now give it to me!