Sunday, July 4, 2010

Yesterdays shop adventures

Finally got into the shop yesterday and got some work done on Dougs Sportster.  Made a filter holder thingy and made up the oil lines.  Intended to get out and do some wiring and get her started but the fetching Mrs. Hogan has other plans for me today.  Did you know we were supposed to barB Q and go see fireworks displays and stuff today.  So we're watching Ken Burns making of america till 5 PM and going to CSUN for fireworks with the aforementioned Doug and his Wife Janine tonight...I may sneak a little time in the shop....SHHHHH!  here's some pics

Also did a little more cleaning up on the neck, that's gonna take hours and hours of grinding hell to get done perfecto.  Also here's a shot of my new welding helmet by Lincoln, it works so bitchen and is self charging from the solar power of the arc, who woulda thunk?  This is the master I got from Slim I'm going to incorporate for the front brakes, not sure how I'm doind that yet but it's too cool a part not to display.
This is the switchbox from Slim he's selling now, you can get them from his blog, he has switches and buttons for them as well.  I welded another one of those Honda con rods to it to clamp it to the frame and if you notice behind the holes there is a wire tube that inserts into the frame to keep the wires safe from the invironment.  That's the next install! Stay tuned

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