Sunday, July 18, 2010

Not going to make it With Doug's Sportster

Unfortunately I was unable or just to damn lazy in all this heat to get Doug's Sporty to the Mooneyes meet.  There were a few unknowns I ran into, for instance; there were no clutch actuation parts (AT ALL!) inside the primary.  It took me an hour digging through my stuff just to find one.  So I put it all back together and filled the primary with oil....had a a giant leak out of one of the bolt holes.  It had a broken off stud so I thought I could get away with it temporarily just to get it to the damn show, wound up having to fix it anyway.  Bad things happen when you get in a hurry, I know this but still make the same stupid mistake anyway.
    Then, I filled it up with gas forgetting ,of course, the I hadn't hooked up the crossovers.  poured gas all over the bike and the stand and the floor, came out as fast as I put it in.  I went through 5 (count em, 5) doo rags today completely soaked with sweat.  I could only stand to be out there for so long then I had to take a break, get in the A.C. and drink a cold tasty beverage. 
     Maybe if I had some help I could have managed but it's pretty hard to ask someone to come and spend the day in my 1000 degree garage to put someone Else's bike together.  So it will have to wait till next weekend.   Sorry to those who wanted to see it, it will be all over the place when it's done.  So in lieu of update pics of the Sporty, here's a clusterfuck of whatever I feel like putting up.
     I'll be on my big blue bomber Yammy Dresser and Doug will be on his old 79 Wing, please be patient with us, I'm probably older than you and have paid all my 100 degree cross country hard tail dues....

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