Monday, July 19, 2010

It's a RUNNER !!!! video

I had my share of problems.  Did you know that if you hack the cam cover up that little hole on the bottom has pressure?  It does, tap and plug with an Allen bolt.   Did you know that some Sportsters with the electronic regulators have the same plug-ins except.....some have the male plug on the regulator and some have the female.  Fortunately I have a couple different regs laying around and a couple different harnesses to butcher for the needed parts to make it all work.  Now the needle and seat in the S&S is stuck open flooding the shit out of the motor making it impossible to tune properly, so turn off the gas till the float level is in a better place and it runs pretty good for a couple minutes.  So here is the first video of Doug's Sporty running.  It didn't make any noises it ain't supposed to and revved real nice, pipes sound awesome but they got bloody fuck'n hot, think it's a little lean to go along with it's bad float situation.  gets lean so the pipes get hot, needle and seat overflow the main and fill the pipe with raw gas making it shoot ducks.  First, the needle and seat, next  getting her to idle nice, then...WA WA WA

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