Friday, July 16, 2010

Update; Dougs Sporty

Today Doug finished up the wiring on the Sporty, at least enough to get her going for Mooneyes.  I found out the pushrod for the rear master was to short and had to make a new one.  The stuff I bought today got hooked up and routed and now we have rear brakes, yeah!  Massaged the ignition switch housing to make all the switches and wires fit, Hooked up the throttle and did a general tidying up of things.
    Tomorrow, I gotta pull that godamn primary cover cuz the stupid clutch cable isn't connected for some reason, YUCK, I hate that! Then lets see, grind out one of the frame crossmembers for additional chain clearance, ummm mount the rear fender and connect the tailight/brakelight, put the front motor mounts back on( shouldn't have took them off. NOTE :all Ironhead front motor mounts are not the same.  The ones with the oil filter built in is about 1" shorter)  install and connect the petcock to the carb, air up the tires, dump in some oil and FIRE THAT PUNK UP!!!
    Anyhow, that's how it's supposed to go...there are going to be things I forgot and at least a couple hours worth of shining things up a if all goes well, we'll see you at Mooneyes Sunday......heres some pics
oil tank complete with airplane drain

ignition box mounted and wired

headlight with temp wire. I will run it through the neck when I have more time.

custom coathanger cable holder

cute little upper pipe mount

new brake plumbing with brake light switch

Here's Doug cussing the wiring Slim and I did everything else I figured he could wire the fucker....he did good

A well balanced swoopy rideable little Sporty.  We're going to suss this thing out over the summer then tear down for paint powder and chrome.  Shouldn't need to much tweeking, it's put together well and should ride like a champ.  Hopefully tomorrow I'll take her for a spin and we will find out, till then...ADIOS AMIGOS

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