Friday, April 2, 2010

Update on Dougs Sportster

Slim came last Saturday and made some adjustments to the tank he made. Adjustments would be a little far from the truth, he cut out the tunnel and fabricated and installed a new one.  For me it would take at least a week to do, for Slim, bout an hour and a half. The kat just blows my mind. Now the tank fits the way I wanted.
from this, see how it doesn't sit down in the back? how it's low in the front? I wanted the curve equalized over the rocker boxes. The more I looked at it the more I knew he was going to have to fix it.  He made it without having the bike present so...well...there ya go.
To this, see how nice it lays down now.  The spacing over the rocker boxes is almost perfect.  Still have to make some mounts and stuff and We have a few other tricks up our sleves.
We also made these bitchen bad ass pipes.  My design Slim's execution (I helped a little, very little) I just put the mufflers where I wanted them and told him put the cross-over in and got out of his way.  He took longer to do this than the tank, of course he not only fabbed them up but ground them to "ready for chrome" condition. This would have taken me another week and they would not have been anywhere near as nice. These pipes are a thing of beauty.
Yesterday I got out in the shop and made a right side peg mount. The peg usualy mount to the sproket cover on the brake side of the bike. Dougs is cracked as I suppose a lot of them probably are. That thin casting just isn't strong enough to hold any weight. They tried to make it do to many things, it also holds the master cylinder and is a real eyesore in my humble opinion. So I made a new one up out of steel that should even hold up to Dougs fat ass. Looks waaaay better and gets rid of that stupid master cylinder.  Today I will go make a mount for that in a more esthetically pleasing place.

Still some grinding to be done but I'm happy with the outcome. Took me half the day where Slim would have done it in ten minutes but I have to do some of my own work. I mean really!
Before I could even start work yesterday I had to clean up from the mess we made saturday.  I must have swept up about two pounds of grindings and other assorted paraphenalia.  Here's a shot of all my shit out in the driveway and my Purple KZ that I'm gonna get running pretty soon here for the summer. Can't ride the dresser or the Freak Show all the time.

That's all folks...

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