Sunday, April 25, 2010

Now here is some amazing shit. I woned this bike in the late 70's and it was stolen from right in front of my house.  I was tring to kick the fucker over and had been at it for about a half hour.  It had slipping kicker ratchet syndrome and it would kill your knee when it slipped, AAAAHHH!!!
so being pissed and wanting to destroy the bike with a sledge hammer, I took me alittle walk around the block to cool down. (I had a really really bad temper when I was a kid)
  When I got back the only thing left was a broken off brass shifter peg and I never saw it again. Till today
These pics came from a Japanese blog I follow on blogger and I can't even tell you the name of it because it's all in Japanese.  I figured the bike had to be in a magazine at some point, it was so nice. You can't tell in the pics but it's all beautiful candy red with gold leaf ribbons and a red crushed velvet insert in the seat. A Denvers classic to be sure.  I have described this bike to many an old timer trying to find some pictures but never had any luck till now.
   So if any of you out there in Blogger land recognize this bike and the magazine it was in PLEASE let me know.  I would appreciate if you could copy these pics and show them around to see if you can help me on this.  This is real big trip for me Daddio!!!!WOW!!!!

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  1. Check your pms on jockey journal I sent magazine article