Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Pics from last years Hippykiller Hoedown


This is the gang that met up at Slim's fabrications to make the ride to Hemet for the Hoedown. from left, Rondi, Chris from the Bluecollarmoto blog, that guy way in the back owns that Bitchen Sporty that Slim built, Can't remember his name at the moment, Your illustrious Blogger/ME, then Doug Snow whom I'm building the Sporty for right now, Clark, Rondi's Man and of course Slim.

The Sportster (who's owner's name is in question. Slims work at his best

Slims ride for the day. He didn't have anything else running so he threw this thing together in a matter of minutes.  As you probably can tell, that frame and that motor don't really belong together.


Sportster of you knows, please tell me.

The girls Carie, Slim's cutypie flipping the peace sign and Rondi looking not quit with it.....

And last but not least. Clarke, can a kat be any cooler than that?

Tomorrow I'll post some pics from the hoedown. We had a great time and can't wait for the 17th to come around for the next one.  Hope to see some of you guys there. I gaurentee you a great fucking time!!!!

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