Thursday, June 28, 2012

Well here she is, all done up in black and tan.  Changes include, new black paint, quarter fairing, relocated front master from a racing cart, new "cafe inspired" fender, re-dyed leather seat with leopard pattern (first time we ever tried that, came out pretty good) and some new pins by Itchy. I should have been able to get this thing together a lot faster but with my stupid back it took me fucking forever.  I still ain't done, I've yet to put gas in it to check for leaks and I don't know if the battery is going to take a charge.  Guess I'll figure all that out in the morning before we take off for BORN FREE.  If any of you wacko's out there wanna ride out with me and Dougy Friday in the late afternoon/evening shoot me an email at with your cell number and we can make arrangements.  We have a room out there in Irvine a few miles from Oak Cyn. Ranch with floor space to spare. Get up bright and early Saturday, have some breakfast and go to the show.
We will be leaving from the heart of the San Fernando Valley and heading straight out the 5 if you wanna meet up along the way. Hope to see some of you kats at the show!!!

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