Tuesday, June 5, 2012

For Sale or Trade, my Pal Clarke's Sporty

My Buddy Clark has decided it's time to get a new project going so he is letting his BADASS Sporty go.  He really wants to get into a kicker Shovel and trading is on his mind. This bike has a TON of one off shit by Slim and has been maintained like I would never maintain a bike. It has a like new appearance, a bunch of motor mods and runs as good as it looks. You have to see the paint to appreciate how different and beautiful it is.  This is one of the best late model Sporty's I have ever seen, you can't go wrong here, I'll stake my word on it.
He's got trading on his mind and is looking for a kicker shovel with good paper and numbers, it can be a project cuz he's gonna make it his own anyway.  If you want to contact him at facebook here Clarke.Spauldings Facebook

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