Friday, June 15, 2012

Nice Jugs!!! and painting a Freakshow....

Picked up Doug's jugs from the powder coaters yesterday and they are definitely the shit! Everything is coming along quite nicely on the Snowster build. 

I'm repainting the "Freakshow" glossy black and removing my name from the tank.  Been sanding and prepping this shit for three days. finally all scuffed and ready to shoot.  I'll have it at "BORN FREE" and it is for sale!!! I have a looong bike to build.

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  1. Man, your blog is insane, too fucking good !!! Are you the same Kevinhog who has some vids on PooTube ? If so, I have used a bit of your stuff on my blog, really good stuff too. Cheers mate, look forward to more posts from you.