Monday, June 18, 2012

"FREAKSHOW" for sale, new black paint!

Today I masked and re-shot my "Freakshow" black.  This is a quick and dirty paint job because I just wanna sell this deal and make some more room in my garage. With my fucked up back I just can't ride this bike any longer.  I need something with some support for my back. So the Freakshow must go so I can put the dough in my long bike. It's getting a tall back rest in hopes that I can continue to ride something besides a full dresser with air ride.  I'll have a bunch of pictures posted here when the bike is put back together and I will have it at BORN FREE.  If interested  you know how to get a hold of me. I'd also be interested in trades of equal or lesser value, pre-smog vehicles, even non running projects if the value is there. I'm thinking 3500 bucks is a good place to start the negotiations. Watcha got that I can't live without?

Here she is in her last incarnation. I rode it like this for about 2 years. This thing will outrun a 1200 Sporty no problem, straight and true.

 Here it is when it was a little more conventional.

Then I got a bug in my ass and decided I didn't really like that alloy fender with the sprung seat arrangement. So I fabbed up this tail, made a new light and added the quarter fairing.  I also relocated the front master and shortened the brake line.  I then figured it needed some sparkly stuff so I polished the side covers, cut down the clutch cover, rebuilt and polished the tops on the carbs etc etc......I think I've taken it just about as far as you can take it.  Should look sharp with it's fresh black HOK paint.

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