Saturday, May 28, 2011

Next upon the stand

I have had this KZ for about 10 years off and on. I sold it once and the woman who bought it never registered and the DMV told me to go pick it up or they would destroy it.  So it seems it likes to be in my possession.  I have big plan for this bike, eventually it will be turbocharged with a belt driven Mallory magneto and a 230" tire.  For now though, it's just gonna get a little face lift, It's a 79 1100 with a home made pipe and 36mm flat slides and runs like a stripe-ed assed ape already.  I'm gonna get rid of the stock rear tail piece, weld in an XS 650 rear loop I have leftover from a hard tail I did and mount an Alloy Tramp fender. for the front I'll probably just flip over those cafe bars it's got on it, lower by dropping the tubes through the trees a couple inches and just polish some shit up. Make new flat side covers, make tail lamp, plate mount and VIOLA'! we have a cafe racer. For paint I think it has to have semi gloss black with the venerable sharks teeth.  Oh yeah, and rear sets.  I should be able to accomplish this just in time to sell the Freakshow, which is also gonna get a new paint job, stay tuned.

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