Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Finished master fab, need some opinions

I finished the master install, lucky for me the master cylinder works awesome, I think it will actually give me better lever feel than I had before.  Now I'm thinking about this;
What do you guys think of this quarter fairing on the bike? I think I like it, the onlyt problem is I can't match the paint. It would have to mounted to the girder so it would move with the suspension. I'm sure it would give some nice wind protection. What do you think???????????????????????????????????


  1. I dig it. Can you make the bottom longer to swoop up and flow with the tank?

  2. Dislike. - In my opinion it puts too much optical weight onto the top front end.

  3. Maybe I can tilt it so it flows a little better. I started fabbing up the brackets tonight, I can always take it off if I don't like it. Thanks for commenting