Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Got a little work done tonight....finally!

I've been going through a slump lately trying to get my ass out in the shop.  I've been off work since December because of back problems and sometimes it's just not worth the pain to spend that much time standing.  I had epideral injections last tuesday and it seems to have helped some but I'm still lacking the will to get out there. I have no lack of projects that need to get done so today I finally got my ass out there and did some fab work I wanted to do on the Freakshow. 
I have been unhappy with the way I mounted the remote front master for some time.  The more I looked at it the more I hated it and with all the other updating I've been doing I figured it was time to get that eye sore out of the way.
It used to hang right beneath the bottom tripple tree and though it got it off the bars, it messed up the profile of the goose neck I went to A LOT of trouble to make. No, now I changed out the master for a gocart unit Slim gave me and moved it the left side of the Girder, right on the bottom link. I think it looks way better than it did and the cable line up is better as well. Still need to procure a brakeline but that can wait till tomorrow.  Lets hope that this master works so I don't have figure out how to rebuild it. Tommorow I'll throw a gusset in that cable bracket and trim it down some more and see about getting a brake line.                         LATERDAZE

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