Saturday, February 6, 2010

Last night was fender time on Dougs Sporty. I tried a bunch of different ones until I found just the right one.  I'm going for a little different, more polished look for this bike. Kinda getting tired of looking at parking lots full of bobbed off fenders and stubby framed bobbers, especially Sportsters.  So this ones getting a long swoopy flat fender and I'm going to be welding a Chevy tailight with a glass lens into it.  No sidemount hanging off the side for this one.  The fender required some reshaping because it was for an 18" wheel, so I sat on it and hammered on it and twisted and untwisted and forced it into compliance.  Then I made this nice little mount that will be molded in when I paint it.  Next will be the struts, tabs and mounting hardware...stay tuned.

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