Thursday, February 25, 2010

Furlough Day Today, Dougs Battery box etc etc...

Well, today was my first furlough day.  That's a day that you are forced to take off without pay.  the reason for this is that the LAUSD is broke, just like the city of Los Angeles, the State of California and the whole rest of the United States.  I would love to blame it all on the lying , cheating, brazen controlling politians on capital hill, but you and I all know that it's us who allows all this to go on. 
    The idiots who actually believed they could purchase a home for 7 to 8 HUNDRED THOUSAND dollars when they were bringing home 500 bucks a week have a whooooole lot to do with what we are dealing with today.  All the greedy bastards who jumped on the band wagon flipping houses and got caught with their pants down and walked away. 
     My Wife is a para legal for a BK Attorney and I'm afraid that what the lying ass media is telling you about "The Recovery" is utter and complete horseshit.  Believe you me we are in for a lot more of this recession and recovery ain't coming for years.  It don't take an expert to see what's going on.  I knew years ago when people were buying all those stupid properties at those inflated prices that the shit was going to hit the fan.  How the hell is it that they didn't know???
     I don't know how all this si going to turn out but I for one am not optimistic.  We did a damn good job of screwing the whole wonderful thing up and I kind of doubt we raised our kids with enough common sense to fix it, maybe I'm full of shit....I sure hope so
     As long as we have a media that's in cahoots with the left in this country, who are embarassed to admit they may have been wrong about the current administration, then the American People will never get the information they need to elect representation thats for the people, by the people.  Seems to me they all just want to keep their cushy jobs up there and are willing to do whatever it takes to do just that.
    Not to mention the fucking socialists that are trying to take over one sixth of the economy with "healthcare" while they are busy taking over General Motors.  It appears the People are actually starting to take notice, with the advent of talk radio and Fox news.  People are starting to talk.
 Anyway.....Today is my furlough day so I got out in the shop and got some work done on Doug's Sporty.  Made him a new battery box using more Honda 750 Con Rods, and mounted one of Slim's switch boxes on the end of one that I cut off.  Think it came out swell.

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