Saturday, February 6, 2010

Finally getting around to Doug's Sporty

Here's some shots of Doug's Sporty, All work done by myself except the beeeeautiful tank by Slim

The back story for this bike is; My buddy Ralph bought this bike as a stock, non running project. He had it for about a year and never got going on it. So my other buddy, Dennis, decided he would buy it and build a chopper to ride with me and my other chopper pals to all the cool chopper events we were going on. We did the frame and he bought a few parts then got broke, like we all do, and decided it had to go.
So....I had it sitting in my shop for a couple years doing nothing but collecting dust when my buddy Doug say's he's buying it and I get to build it any way I want. So that brings you up to date and I shall be running a continuous series on this build.
Last night I did the fender. I tried a lot of different ones until I found the one I liked and Doug liked it too (as if that matters).

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