Saturday, February 13, 2010

Doug's Sporty

Got out in the shop and got some work done yesterday. Couldn't post because I had PC issues, spent today fixing that...Oh Joy!
Anyhow, we got around to the drive side of the bike.  Made some fenders supports trying to duplicate the left side.  Had to bend and unbend a few to get it right but it got there.  Also figured out where we wanted to run the taillight .  Also made a chain gaurd ala Arlen Ness from the 70's.  Things are pretty tight so I've decided to make a tensioner as well. 
   I like the way we're going with this one. Next is a front fender that mimics the rear some kind of way. I would leave it off but Doug say's it's gotta have one.  Next it's pipes, battery box, bars, wiring and whatever else we decide to do.  here's the pics

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