Monday, July 2, 2012

Born Free 2012 slideshow, 300 pics

Once again, "Born Free" was an amazing, inspiring, wonderful,badass, crazy, unbelievable event!!! I think it was about twice as big this year as last and last years event was the biggest event of this kind I've ever seen.
This "thing" we are all doing has become it's own culture and seems to have taken on a life of it's own. The number of people building their own shit is way beyond what I might have believed.
The number of kats who have taken this to the next level and are now doing it for a living is impressive! Who knew this little sub culture of home builders would have turned out big enough to support and event of this size.
It's a Beautiful Thing........
Even if bikes ain't you're thing their was plenty of other things to enjoy. The live music, the food, the freaky deeky people wandering around and a vast array of beautiful girls.
If you couldn't make it, so sorry for you.  I took a bunch of pictures (as usual) and put this little slideshow together for your viewing pleasure.
There is a video forth coming so stay tuned....Enjoy the pics!

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