Saturday, January 28, 2012

A few words about the makers of the "Von Dutch" trophy

The kat on the left is Tom "Itchy" Otis, a world renowned pinstriper from the 1970's. Also a Hot Rod builder that has held awards himself from the GNRS himself. Well known throughout the hot rod industry he has been handing out this award for the past nine years. If you need any work he is available;
The guy on the right is the fabricator of the metal portion of the trophy, Chris Hamilton. He and his father have been fabricating cars and bikes in the San Fernando Valley for years. Currently he is building custom steel guitars and any other fabrication needs you may have at;
Some of Chris' guitar work

The fishbowl with gold fish painted by Itchy.

It's awesome to allowed in to the show before the regular opening. Itch and I had a few hours to see and photo all the cars and bikes before there were a zillion people in the way so Itch could check out all the pinstriping before he chose the winner.
Here are some of the big players competing for the coveted "Most Beautiful Roadster in the World" award!

I like this little fella, I can picture blastin around town in this little bullet!I

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