Thursday, July 21, 2011

Doug wants floorboards, what a pain in the ass, the shifter side

Almost there, gotta go buy some rod ends tomorrow and make the linkage.  Unfortunetly it's now 1 up and 4 down. Anything else would have been to hard or too ugly.

Tose are 5/8ths lugs, that shit ain't going nowhere. I also put some big hairy gussets on there as well. I want his 240 lb ass to be able to stand on these bastards.

I stole a pedal out of a ugly ass forward control set up I had laying around the shop. Going to cut off that extra bit with the hole in it and use it on the bottom for the lever.

Tucked up and under, hidden as best I could. I'll weld a lug on the end and bolt on a heim end. The other end will go to the shifter with another heim end. Hopefully I'll find a nice link with reverse threads for easy adjustment. Never know what you might find at the surplus...

Don't look so bad, and it will be more comfy, as much as I hate admit it.

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