Saturday, April 2, 2011

Last night, Victor hates life, or making of copper oil lines

Victor said"It should only take me an hour or so"........
Victor said, "The copper bends so easy!"....
I said, "If you get those lines done by Saturday I'll get it running by Sunday."
Victor said, at about 6:00 last night, "This is fucking hard!"
Said I, "Oh really, huh, who woulda thought?"
Victor said, at about 8:00, " I'm hating life !"
I said, "I'm pretty sure there were about 3 old guys besides myself who told you this was not going to be easy."
Victor gave me a dirty look....
I'll skip the rest of the banter, I think you got the gest of it.  Lets cut to the chase.
Victor said at 3:00 AM" Are you kidding me? This the last line I'm making, I'll finish Sunday."
I came out of the house two mmnutes later and he said,
"I fucked up that last one, it was almost done and I fucked it up, I'm done, I'm going home, I am so frustrated I can't believe how many of these I fucked up and bent the wrong way, crimped and destroyed."
I said, "I'm pretty sure there were about three old guys who tried to tell you this wouldn't be easy, not including MYSELF! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!."
I have to give the kid credit though, he stuck it out till the wee hours and got most of the job accomplished, which surpassed my estimate of how far I would have thought he would get.
   What he completed looked most excellent and I am proud of him.. I think we'll have this thing running by Sunday anyway, one way or another.  Stay tuned.......
Here's some of the carnage produced on the way to making lines that actually worked.

Ain't he cute!

This sucks...I'm hate'n life, everybody say, "AAAAAAHHHH"

Looking GOOD Grasshopper!!


I'm getting excited now, this thing is close to running. Jus install the timer gears in nthe cam chest, drop the Hi-4 in the distributor, fill her up with oil, charge that silly little battery and watch Victor KICK!!! That's gonna be fun!

While he worked on the Pan, I got busy on the Freakshow. Making a new back fender and then I'm going through the carbs and do a general tune up for the season.  This is gonna be for sale so if you know anyone who likes this sorta thing let em know, it will be cheap compared to the work and parts I have thrown at it,  runs like a champ too!

Got a good start on the new fender yesterday.

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  1. gee thanks for posting that picture of me in mid-speech... i look like a damn fairy

    on another note, im not happy w/ the lines, once the bike is outta the garage imma spend some more time and completely redo them... lay'd around in bed for an hour last night and came up w/ some great idea's for routing, oh and outta brass