Saturday, April 9, 2011

It's ALIVE !!!! It's alive!!! IT"S ALIVE

I haven't posted much lately and there is a big story about getting this fucker running and the people involved.  For now I want to make damn sure that the credit for making this bitch bark goes to Barry at West Coast Distributing in Tujunga Ca.  818 353 9631
This Kat has your parts and the knowledge, experience and Integrity to handle whatever kind of HD problem you might have.  He's been doing this shit for 35 plus years and is dedicated to taking care of his customers in a fair and equitable manner.  I will have more to write about this but right now I am primarily concerned wit my Daughter, Heather delivering us her first child.  I will have pics of that as well next time I post.  So until then here is a little sneak peak of Victors Pan Making some noise.  He only had to kick it for four, count em, four motherfucking days.
This is definitely the Man

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