Sunday, April 17, 2011

Hippy Killer Hoedown

Here is my facebook link with all the pictures I took of me and Doug's adventure killing here>>>>>FACEBOOK
I was expecting a little more than I got out of this years event. I'm not complaining really, the promoters can only hold the event, they can't make people build new stuff to bring. I guess I figured because I built 2 bikes since the last show that everybody else would too, at least one, or at least some guys would build one. All I'm saying is pretty much everything there this year was here last year, Exept of course for the real stand outs a sentiment that seemed to be shared by most of the kats I talked too. 
  I'm sure glad I didn't make the extra effort to get my build there this year, maybe next year will be better, I'll be there! Had a great time with my pals and Doug and I rode down to Temechula and had a swell dinner at a place called "the Bank". waited around at his nephews house till it got cooler and had a marvelous ride back home.  Here are the first batch of pics, these are the people of Hippykiller Hoedown.....

   Feel free to use any pics I post, I ain't a professional photographer and I would actually be honored to see someone else get some use of them, some video's as well. Well, time to get back out in the shop and finish up my rear fender project and make a new lamp....Laterdaze 


  1. Wish I would have known you were going, I was there too. I didn't ride the Sporty though, I rode "Fat Elvis" (e-glide).

  2. Yeah, bummer. We should have rode out together, or back or something. We gotta ride this summer for sure, maybe we go to AZ and fuck with Clarky