Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Doug's Snowster final assembly!!! Pretty pretty!!!

Finally have some shots of the Snowster going together for the final time. Still have a few small parts at the chrome shop and you'll notice it's going together with available hardware. When it's all done we'll take it to TAMPA HARDWARE in the back of our truck and swap out all the Nuts and bolts with Chrome or stainless. Tampa has a full supply of that stuff.  
 Pretty pretty shiny shiny, Fender bracket with built in bumper and chain gaurd, new axle adjusters, polished PM brakes with modified ST bracket, stainless lines and chromed aircraft surplus caliper anchor. Doug is doing all his own wiring, he's gotten pretty good at it though he say's he hates doing it.
 Rear view of the molded in glass lens tail light , tag mount and Tommy "Itchy" Otis' pinstriping and gold leaf work.
 Knuckle risers with custom made bars, the stud in the middle holds a mount for Dougs Iphone with his speedo app. more stainless brake lines.
 Super trick I.S.R. hand controls
 New Kenda rubber front and rear, smoothed and painted legs, black powdered wheels, more Itchy pins, dual stainless rotors, PM single spots and braided lines. 
 Severely trimmed, smoothed and powdered cam cover, nickle plated brake pedal, polished engine cases and Crane Hi-4 single fire ignition.  
More nickle plate on the hanger for the brake pedal and the master cylinder rod. That's a 22 tooth sprocket for comfy highway cruising.  Stay tuned, more pics to come soon.

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