Wednesday, December 14, 2011

This is all the pictures I've saved, stolen, shot or borrowed for 2011

  It's been a long year that went by very quickly for me. A lot of trends have passed and new ones begun like they always do. There have been a number of new guys on the block kicking some major ass and getting her done with creativity, quality and imagination. Some of the pics in this slideshow will have been saved more than once because I forget what I have saved and still like the same shit.
  Later in the year I started throwing all the new stuff I found no matter be it chopper, bobber, long bike, digger, cafe, Jap, Euro or US. It's just easier for me and I think it shows the diversity of builds going on now. Long bikes and Cafe have become the soup du jour of late and I have both going. I just finished my KZ Turbo and I am beginning my extra long Ironhead build with Slim with the new year.
  If you have a new project going and want me to post it up here on my blog send me your pics and some info and I will get them posted. Next year will bring new events, more new builds and more new kats just getting started on their first builds. Take those youngsters under your wing and help them become in the crazy thing we do. There are not enough kids who care about using their hands to create anything these days, let alone custom bikes.
    I'll be posting more stolen, barrowed and shot pics of other subject winding up to the new year so keep checking in from time to time, the more the merrier!!! Until then enjoy the slide show, you might see something you missed.

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