Monday, March 21, 2011

More wires...and Vanessa Lake

One thing leads to another or, no matter how clever you think you might be, you're probably not.  I thought I found a really neat spot to put this iggy switch so that I could hide the wires and reuse a bracket that was already in place. (I love a bolt or bracket that does more than one thing)
So I routed all my wires real slick like and went to tuck my switch all soldered and heat shrunk real swell and that when I found that I was a cunthair away from that thing fitting between the seat tube and the oil tank.
I could either undo all the stuff I just spent the last several hours doing, get a crowbar and a hammer and put a dent in the oil tank or reposition the oil tank to fit my needs.
So the next several hours were dedicated to just that and now I win again...I think, then I ran out of shrink tubing and called it quits for the night.


  1. Hey Kevin,

    The end result looks great, well done.

  2. Thank You , Thank you very much....We aim's ta please