Wednesday, March 9, 2011

License plate mount...

Got a tag mount made today, plenty stiff enough to be held with one 5/16 bolt.  I drilled a hole in the bolt to run a wire to a small l.e.d. that will shine through that little hole. You can change the bulb by pulling that rubber plug off the end.  I think I have run out of fabrication work on this deal.  We need a gear from S&S to make the distributer run counter clockwise so the Hi-4 can work....and waiting on Victor to show up with all the shit we need to plumb the oils lines.  I'm gonna start wiring tomorrow, should run by the weekend if all goes well!!!

and one of these


  1. Looks good Kevin....and thanks for the picture of the old milling machine.

  2. Dig your blog.

    Thought I'd give you a heads up. The CA vehicle code was ammended as of Jan 1st for the positioning/display of license plates, it now reads:

    VC Section 5201 Positioning of Plates
    "...... mounted in a position so as to be clearly visible, and so that the characters are upright and display from left to right ......"

    The most fucked part is I've heard the "admistartive fee" for this fix-it ticket is well into the $100 range but I don't know first hand.

    Keep up the gret work.

  3. Thanks Pal, If they are gonna get us for sideways plates they better start with non dot helmets, no front brake, no horn, turn signals, kill switches,straight pipes, and any number of other things. An asshole cop is an asshole cop, they can send you on a wild goose chase any time they want. I'm pretty sure they would be more concerned about the spool hub than the position of the plate. A year hasn't passed that they haven't changed or added a new law. If they bug him I'll change it, in the meantime all the bikes I build have sideways plates. Thanks for the props and keep checking me out, there is plenty more coming.

  4. That there is a big assed schuler power hammer, used to press things out of sheet metal like gas tank halves etc. Problem is those operators are hard as hell to find....