Sunday, January 9, 2011


My old KZ I redid back in of my first paint jobs with real spray equipment. I still have this bike, will soon get a turbo and a complete facelift.

Add caption First ride of the bike I built for my Son Ian back in 07, it was raining but the bike ran bitchen.  It's since been sold.

Look out the window2 and youi can see my buddy Ralph's 05 1200 Sporty with my 1980 CB750, rebuilt this thing from the ground up, I think this is 08

Building the trike frame for the KZ1100 , that's an original Santee front section mated to a 8" Ford rear. Got this thing rolling, lost interest and traded it off to Slim.  He will do it justice.

The fetching Mrs. Hogan




The fetching Mrs. Hogan

The Freak Show version 2

My Son Ian and the grandkids, Bubba and Elisia

Freak Show before it got it's freak on in front of the RockStore

My old Kz 1100 when it was black in front of our house in Reseda

This is a Ninja I did a refurb on, painted it Mercedes maroon.

Nice pic of the Wife and I before my Sons wedding.  This is just a bunch of pics I found from an old web site I haven't looked at for some years.  Gonna get hot and heavy on the Panhead starting tomorrow, I'll have plenty of pics of my progress...stay tuned

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