Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Ain't got a DAMN thing done!!!

    Between being sick and then injured I have completely wasted the time off  I had for the holidays.  On the very last day of work I killed my stupid back so bad I wound up out on comp. It was bad enough to keep me off my feet for 2 weeks. I would have had those two weeks to get Victors pan up and running and off my lift so that I could  have repaired Doug's Tranny and do some repair work on the Freak Show since my Ol' Lady knocked it over with her SU DAMN V!!!!
   I still can only stand to stand for about 10 minutes at a time but it's a lot better than it wason the 22nd when I injured it.  I see the Dr. tomorrow morning to see what happens next.  This week end I am hoping to get up to Oakhurst to see my kids and grandkids cuz we weren't able to get up there during the holidays cuz of the fucking weather! Does it sound like I'm sniveling???? To BAD.
   This is no way to start 2011.....but this too shall pass, HAppy new year All!!!!

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