Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Our trip to Tri-C Engineering

 On Saturday before we went to Winfields we stopped by Tri-C Engineering home of Rick Cressie and his Pops.  Itchy is having his trick ass roadster built there with these awesome craftsmen. Below is a pic of Rick (standing, pondering etc) and Itch checking out the new steering installation.

 This is the car in question, a 27 PU track nose car , the noce is hand hammered without the use of an English Wheel, the grill is an upside down early jag unit, solid brass. A Mullins trailer is used for the bed, it's going to be amazing!
 Killer Merc...
 Couldn't get Rick to tell me much about this bike.  Certainly is one trick piece, trackmaster looking frame is bitchen!

 This is Ed Balzer, hye saying "What the fuck do you want?" A fine car builder himself
This is an early sprint car in final stages, look at that beautiful pipe on that Fronty

Can these guys do pipes or what!

Little bit of everything going on here

Hand made intake

One of their super duper trick billet tilt columns
If you need any kind of fabrication work from small jobs to complete miullion dollar bhuilds these are the guys to handle your building needs. These is no job that they can't handle.

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